3 Part Webinar Series in the works

The Content Era has been requested by Adobe to present a 3 Part Webinar Series.

He are the topics:

[April 16th] How moving from a unstructured document workflow to a XML based FrameMaker saves you time and allows you to publish to all those shining devices your customers use.

[April 23rd] Moving from Arbortext to FrameMaker puts you in control.

[April 30thrd] FrameMaker 12 in total, including but not limited to the shiny new bells and whistles.

More information to follow … Spread the word.

Hello The Content Era, LLC. Goodbye Acrolinx:-)

I would like to announce my moving on from serving as Acrolinx’s SVP Of Global Operations. Acrolinx has been a fantastic experience. I will always be forever grateful for the time I spent with them. We were able to achieve amazing results for the last two years running.

I am taking the experience I have gained working as Managing Partner and lead XML / DITA / CMS consultant at Integrated Technologies, Inc for over 20 years, adding the two years at Adobe TechComm (FrameMaker, RoboHelp and Technical Communication Suite) and mixing in Content Optimization solutions to build The Content Era, LLC.

I will be rolling out our new WebSite, which will include list of business partner across the industry. I look forward to expanding the list as we close additional vendor, consulting and language translation partners.

Our website will be found at http://www.theContentEra.com. My email is tom.aldous@TheContentEra.com.


The Content Era Is Here. This Is Why You Are Needed.

New video posted

Link To Video - iPhone / iPad ready

TechComm 2020: Get Ready to be Part of the Content Era

We’re facing fundamental change in tech comm: not just how we do what we do, but also why we do what we do.

Tech comm is not just about customer support anymore; it’s also driving revenue. Buyers look for technical content before they buy. And they don’t want to just passively consume it, they also want to interact with it—and with us.

There’s something even larger at work here: we’ve entered a new era where companies build relationships with buyers through content—both marketing and technical content. On the marketing side, this new era has led to the explosive rise of content marketing. But technical content can play a role in content marketing too—perhaps even a more important role than marketing content.

This role won’t just be handed to you; you’ll have to fight for it. This session will discuss how to win that fight.

By Tom Aldous

The Path Forward Is Clear, If We Look To The Past

Content as a corporate strategic asset is at a similar stage to that of where factorization of goods production was during the maturity of the industrial revolution. What do I mean by this? Look at the way content was created in commercial entities just a couple of decades ago versus now. There is a parallel with pre- Industrial Revolution goods production in which manufacturing moved from a single craftsman building -producing one good at a time in a cottage industry- to large factories using machine automation to increase volume.

Let’s take a closer look

I remember the miracle of MultiMate and PageMaker. I was liberated to create content that I could edit and reuse. This was low hanging fruit of productivity gains. Other Authoring and Desktop Publishing packages came along, but content was still mostly hand crafted. Document Management systems started to popularize content Automation and workflow. SGML, XML and Component Content Management Systems furthered us down this path.

Most commercial entities build content with efficiency in mind, so lowering language translation costs to service a greater number of markets is a popular driver. There are many solutions for managing Language Translation and Memory efficiently. Most executives get excited about expanding markets and revenue, this is an easy concept to sell.

Anything Can Flow Through Plumbing

We have done a fairly good job at building the plumbing to deliver content as needed. We now have the automation to build content similar to the way we built factory goods before the introduction of the Japanese and German quality movements.

There are some enterprises that have moved past the mere creation of content for content sake, to “How do we use Linguistic Rules Based automation solutions to target prospect personas, brand alignment and content repurposing across silos and disciplines.”

The Content Era

We are at the beginning stage of “The Content Era”, where content is a strategic asset that can differentiate brands, increase margins and build customer loyalty. Look to the past and see the trending future.

Now we need to communicate the path forward to Executives that control the fate of their enterprises. Changing times expose huge opportunities.

Being an Executive in the Content Era

Are you responsible for profit and loss (P&L) for your group? Do Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Support report to you? If so, then you know that driving revenue growth while simultaneously controlling expenses is the true path to the Promised Land.

I’m sure you also hear over and over again that customer satisfaction and overall experience is the key to retaining your customer base. You’ve probably also seen the statistics about how much it costs to acquire new customers.

One simple way to drive all of these goals effectively is to utilize already existing, cost-side processes to create a delightful customer experience – but where to start?

You may not know this, but you most likely also have a documentation group that reports through to you. Why is this important though? Are they a cost that should be trimmed? Well, not exactly.

As an executive, you’re charged with the success of the goods you create and the services you provide. But if we flip things around, you’re also a consumer of various products and services in your private life as well. You probably have a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, and access to high speed internet on all of these devices. Before making a personal purchase, do you do your own research about a product or service before speaking with a salesperson? I know I do – and we’re certainly not alone. According to Forrester Research, 60 to 90 percent of a consumer’s buying decision is already made before engaging with a vendor. Buyers are looking at blogs, company websites, and post-sales content such as user manuals and support documentation.

As a result, it’s important to ensure a seamless experience across all touch points a prospect could encounter. Some of the ways you can ensure this is by having your documentation group curate blogs, align content with your brand’s personality, and create high-value, relevant content that stands out from the rest of the noise. Leverage your content creators in new ways across all content within your scope.

Being an executive in the Content Era means understanding that content is a valuable strategic asset that should be managed and taken advantage of.

Acrolinx Enhances Support for Adobe FrameMaker





Acrolinx Enhances Support for Adobe FrameMaker       

New release enhances functionality and adds compatibility with Adobe FrameMaker 12


Santa Clara, CA – November 11, 2014 Acrolinx announced today a new release of its support for Adobe FrameMaker. With this new release, writers who use FrameMaker can take advantage of all of Acrolinx’s content optimization capabilities to guide writers to create content that customers find easier to understand, more consistent, and more enjoyable to read.


This release is the first from Acrolinx to support FrameMaker 12, which is the latest release from Adobe. Acrolinx works in all three ways that FrameMaker is used: unstructured FrameMaker, structured FrameMaker, and FrameMaker XML Author.


Other new capabilities in this release include:


  • Voice scores tell writers how readable and engaging their content is, which helps them pinpoint where they need to improve
  • Scorecard lets writers quickly view Acrolinx’s assessment of their content and lets them easily drill into the details
  • SEO tells writers how to improve the findability of their content
  • Checking Profiles let administrators more easily manage large groups of writers, especially when they have diverse needs


Pawan Goyal, General Manager and Sr. Director Products at Adobe Systems, commented that, “Because many of our FrameMaker customers use Acrolinx to help their writers create higher-quality content, we work closely with Acrolinx so they remain current with our latest releases. We’re delighted to see that Acrolinx now delivers all of their latest innovations to the Adobe FrameMaker world.”


“Our writers have eagerly anticipated this new release from Acrolinx,” said David Skolnick, Technical Publications Manager at Analog Devices. “We’re taking full advantage of Acrolinx’s capabilities to help us create content that’s easier to find, simpler to understand, and consistent with our content standards.”


Speaking about this release, Ashish Agrawal, Acrolinx’s SVP of Product Management, said, “We’re pleased to bring all of Acrolinx’s advanced capabilities to writers who use Adobe FrameMaker. Our customers value the combination of FrameMaker’s outstanding technical publishing capabilities and Acrolinx’s unique capabilities to guide FrameMaker users to improve their content.”


In-depth video discussions about Acrolinx and its support for Adobe FrameMaker are available in both English andGerman.


Acrolinx’s new release of FrameMaker support is immediately available to customers with current maintenance.


About Acrolinx

Acrolinx technology helps the world’s best companies speak with one voice – with content that’s more findable, readable, and engaging. Our content optimization capabilities help companies like Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens align, enhance, and enrich their marketing and technical information. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, our technology helps our customers stand apart from their competitors by delivering content with greater warmth, readability, and conciseness. Learn more at www.acrolinx.com.


Free Webinar By Tom Aldous – Conquering Globalized Content with Acrolinx and FrameMaker 12

Come join me as I present the Adobe hosted Free Webinar -

Conquering Globalized Content with Acrolinx and FrameMaker 12

December 09, 2014



In today’s market, globalized content that is translation/localization ready is more important than ever.

Join Tom Aldous in this session to see a revolutionary new way to help automate the creation of “world-ready” source content that will eliminate dozens of translation/globalization headaches, and reduce project time and costs.

As an added benefit, you’ll also be shown how this unison of tools can make your content more findable, readable, and engaging – increasing the growth and retention of your customer base.

And how do you gain competitive advantage in the Content Era?

Because of the vast quantity of content available and its critical importance to satisfying customers, we have now entered the Content Era: a time when companies’ success or failure increasingly hinges on the quality of their content.

So how can you make your content stand out? And how should companies align their marketing and tech­nical content so that they speak with one voice to their prospects and customers?

And how do you gain competitive advantage in the Content Era?

In this eBook, we answer these questions, share best practices for creating great content, and point you to technology that can help streamline the process and make it more efficient.

Download this eBook to learn how to create great content.

Acrolinx 4.1 Delivers Tone of Voice Measurement for German!




Acrolinx 4.1 Delivers Tone of Voice Measurement for German

Now helps German-language writers create more readable & engaging content


Santa Clara, CA – October 6, 2014 Acrolinx announced today version 4.1 of its content optimization software, which guides writers to create content that meets corporate standards for tone of voice, style, and terminology.


The 4.1 release extends Acrolinx’s “Voice” capability to the German language. Now German authors of technical and marketing content can get Acrolinx to rate how “readable” and how “lively and conversational” their content is.


Speaking about this new capability, Andrew Bredenkamp, Acrolinx’s Founder and Chairman, said, “Our Voice capability applies linguistic science to helping teams of authors write in a single clear, compelling voice. For over ten years, we have focused on helping authors create content that matches corporate standards for style, spelling, grammar, and terminology, but for many companies, that’s not enough. Marketers and technical communicators want to produce content that goes beyond transferring knowledge and build a human connection with their customers too.”


To use the Voice capability, an Acrolinx customer first sets the target level for each Voice score. Customers can set up different targets for different types of documents; for example, they may want a marketing document to be more lively and conversational than a technical document.


Based on the target scores, Acrolinx tells writers how well they’ve met each target. If a score lies outside the target range, Acrolinx provides guidance for increasing or reducing the score.


Acrolinx 4.1 is immediately available to customers with current maintenance.


About Acrolinx

Acrolinx technology helps the world’s best companies speak with one voice – with content that’s more findable, readable, and engaging. Our content optimization capabilities help companies like Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens align, enhance, and enrich their marketing and technical information. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, our technology helps our customers stand apart from their competitors by delivering content with greater warmth, readability, and conciseness. Learn more at www.acrolinx.com.

By Tom Aldous

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