Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3′s Strengths

The day after the launch of The Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3, I find myself reflecting on what makes this suite so valuable to our customers.

The easiest answers could be found in the numerous new and core features, or is it the tight integration of FrameMaker 10, RoboHelp 9, Captivate 5, Photoshop CS5 and Acrobat X? Sure these are valuable. In many cases,  our customers use TCS 3 as a competitive advantage in their market space. As competition get more intense, our customers are embracing rich media embedded into their product documentation and Help Systems to differentiate themselves from their competition. I could go on forever in this direction.

Maybe it’s our training, developer and consulting partners. Just coming from that group recently, I know how valuable a good Adobe Business Partner is to our customers.

After walking into the middle of the launch of this suite, I would have to say that it might be something that many of us do not even consider. The people behind this suite, be it Developers, Product Management, Marketing, Sales or Back Office Support are absolutely dedicated and committed. Consent improvement and value-add is their driving goal. I am honored to be in their company.

Then again, could it be that the Technical Communication Suite is one of Adobe’s product groups. Having a Corporation like Adobe Systems Incorporated standing behind a product that is more than just a software purchase, but is a product that you build your workflows around has to give you a good night sleep.

What is your thoughts?

Thomas Aldous
Product Evangelist, Adobe Systems Incorporated
twitter – @tmaldous
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