FrameMaker 10, A Real XML Editor Plus

Today’s topic is about dispelling the rumor that FrameMaker is not a real XML Editor. Some people say this because FrameMaker has the ability to embed Processing Instructions into the XML Source. FrameMaker by default embeds these Processing Instructions. This gives the average user the ability to roundtrip Conditional Tags and Show / Hide setting without having to create an xslt stylesheet to filter their content on file open. FrameMaker of cause can also use xslt stylesheets to filter content, drop in Processing Instructions on open and delete them on save.

As you will see in the following video, you can always change FrameMaker’s default settings and have “pure xml” content at your discretion. FrameMaker is powerful and flexible. If you are in need of a recommendation of an Adobe Consulting Partner in your area that understands the power of FrameMaker, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the video and spread the word!