FrameMaker 10′s Conditional Tags And Adobe Air Brought To You By RoboHelp 9

Most of today’s content authors are very familiar with FrameMaker’s Condition Text Feature. The ability to create condition names and tag our content for filtered publishing. We create one master set of documentation. Condition tag any differences in the content and filter publish multiple scenarios to pdf or print.

With Technical Communication Suite 3 (which of cause includes FrameMaker 10 and RoboHelp 9 with special integration) you can easily create a RoboHelp Adobe AIR Template that will understand how you conditional tagged your work in FrameMaker 10. From within FrameMaker 10 we can publish an Adobe Air Application that has complete dynamic filtering.

Of cause you can just do a file open in FrameMaker 10 of your past V.7, V.8, V.9 books and sections. FrameMaker 10 will easily upgrade those files and you to can do what I am showing you in the video. One more thing, although I’m showing you an XML example, it works just as well with your Unstructured FrameMaker files!

It’s best to see what I’m talking about. Enjoy the video and spread the word!

Tom Aldous