Free Webinar By Adobe Business Partner – Bulleted/Numbered List in RoboHelp 8 or 9

Free Webinar – Bulleted/Numbered List in RoboHelp 8 or 9  Want to learn tips and tricks with bulleted or numbered lists in old RoboHelp projects in RoboHelp 8 or 9? Join Neil Perlin in this free Hyper/Word Services webinar that explains:

  • Why styles are important.
  • How styles work in RoboHelp 8/9.
  • Why list items break, how to fix them, and how to use them correctly going forward.

Friday, Dec. 9, 11-12 AM ET.

This is the first of a series of free Hyper/Word Services webinars on RoboHelp, Flare, Captivate, Mimic, MobiFlex, mobile, and several other topics. This first webinar is a test of the system and is limited to 14 attendees. Please contact Neil Perlin at to sign up.