The World Is Changing. How We Communicate Is Leading The Way.

Have  you noticed that people around the world have adapted to new communication applications as fast as the technology is provided to them. If we want to reach them in the most effective way, we as information providers have to also adapt to and leverage this mega trend as fast and as strategically as possible.

We at Adobe Systems, Incorporated have been and will continue to bring the latest technology and information delivery systems to our customers.

As one example, we provide applications like RoboHelp 9. This tool maybe 20 years young, but look at how much it has evolved throughout the years.

  • Want to publish your MSword, FrameMaker, PDF and / or XML content to the IPad?
  • Do you want to create an Adobe AIR App, that is OS and Browser independent?
  • Want to take user comments and moderate what is displayed back to the great viewing audience?
  • Want topic ratings?
  • Do you Want to push new content to your users via the internet or intranet using versioning control?
  • Do you want your user assistance to have a modern look and feel?
  • Do you want to link, not just import content into your projects?

Your wanting is over. RoboHoelp 9 is here. Free 3o day evaluation copy here.

Things To Consider When Picking An Enterprise Level XML Editor

You work for a large organization and it’s your responsibility to pick the Company application standard for XML editing, managing and publishing.

Some of the things that everyone consider are:

1. Retraining of current employees on the tool set.
2. Cost of customizing templates.
3. Can the application tools convert my legacy content?
4. Cost of the tools.
5. Cost of customizing the implementation.
6. Availability and cost of application experts.

But have you considered the financial strength of the Application Manufacturer?

More information about the Company you can count on .

Adobe FrameMaker 10 – 25 years young.

PowerPoint Slide Presentations From The Technical Communication Suite 3 Launch

As promised, the PowerPoint Slide Presentations used during the EU and USA Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3, FrameMaker 10 and RoboHelp 9 launch events are posted.

Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist

Kapil Verma, Adobe FrameMaker Product Manager

Ankur Jain, Adobe RoboHelp and Technical Communication Suite 3 Product Manager

Creating multiple outputs from DITA 1.2 content using the Adobe Technical Communication Suite

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 5:30pm EST

Recording Link – Right Click Here and Save wmv File To Your Harddisk

Creating multiple outputs from DITA 1.2 content using the Adobe Technical Communication Suite

Short Description
FrameMaker now supports editing DITA 1.2 content and producing top-quality PDFs. With the TCS, RoboHelp is completely integrated with FrameMaker and allows you to render outputs like eBooks, AirHelp, web content, and more. Using FrameMaker Server, the entire process can run automatically. Thomas Aldous will demonstrate some DITA 1.2 features and gorgeous outputs. He will show how to render manually and automatically.

FrameMaker 10/DITA Demo with STC Toronto

When – Tuesday, February 22, 2011 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST

Register –

Join host Bernard Aschwanden as the Toronto STC and Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist present a demonstration of DITA techniques and how FrameMaker 10 can be used to create, manage, and publish content. Join us to check out Adobe’s DITA product demonstrated with best practices, tips and tricks, and insight into DITA.

Adobe helps their customers create, deliver, and optimize compelling content and applications — improving the impact of their communications, enhancing their brands and productivity, and ultimately bringing them greater business success. Together, they turn ordinary interactions into more valuable digital experiences every day, across media and devices, anywhere, anytime.

How To Publish To An IPad From FrameMaker 10

Today’s video will show you how easy it is to publish your FrameMaker books / files (or DITAMAP’s) to epub format for import to your tablet and smart devices. That is correct. You can use the Technical Communication Suite 3 to publish your content to your ipad.

I hope you enjoy the video and spread the word!

Launch Event News

It has been a busy week. We started with the Amsterdam Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 launch event. It was then on to Paris’ on Thursday and London’s today.

The Technical Communication Suite 3 has been very well received. At the conclusion of the presentations, the audition has been very engaging in how they can use the suite in their workflows. I have to say. They are very creative in their applications.

Next Week we will be on to New York City and then Dallas to do it again.

It is truly exciting to be part of the Adobe Team.

Manage Your XML Application Files and Templates On A Server Using FrameMaker 10

Happy New Year! It’s the year of the Rabbit.

I started today a little early. I presented to European Resellers at 5am (EST) my time. It was 10am theirs. My wife tells me that I will be starting early everyday now, because what you do today is what happens for the next year.

That said, I wanted to post a video for you, because that is what I want to do all year round!

Today’s video is a “How To” redirect FrameMaker 10 to find your standard Enterprise Templates and your XML Templates on a shared server drive. This means you can make changes to a template in one location and push it to the enterprise. Of cause you can keep it local and user based. That is the default.

Enjoy the video and spread the word!

FrameMaker Server 10 “How To Video” Using a DITAMAP

My new hardware setup is in place! To celebrate I made a FrameMaker Server 10 “How To Video” using a DITAMAP that is provided with the DITA opensource toolkit. It’s a long video, but I think you will find it worth the download wait.

Of cause FrameMaker Server 10 works equally well with Unstructured or Structured FrameMaker content.

In the video I show you how to set up your RoboHelp Project file, if you want to create Help and EPub files. No need to do that if you are just automating the creation of your pdf output.

FrameMaker Server 10 let’s you set a build schedule for all your RoboHelp 9 Help Projects and PDF output. After it is setup, there is no human intervention required.

Your content creators can do modifications and all of output formats can be generated and published on a set schedule or with a push of a button. It’s your choice. You can further automate the build process with pre build Extend Scripts and post build batch files.

I hope you enjoy the video. Spread the word.