The World Is Changing. How We Communicate Is Leading The Way.

Have  you noticed that people around the world have adapted to new communication applications as fast as the technology is provided to them. If we want to reach them in the most effective way, we as information providers have to also adapt to and leverage this mega trend as fast and as strategically as possible.

We at Adobe Systems, Incorporated have been and will continue to bring the latest technology and information delivery systems to our customers.

As one example, we provide applications like RoboHelp 9. This tool maybe 20 years young, but look at how much it has evolved throughout the years.

  • Want to publish your MSword, FrameMaker, PDF and / or XML content to the IPad?
  • Do you want to create an Adobe AIR App, that is OS and Browser independent?
  • Want to take user comments and moderate what is displayed back to the great viewing audience?
  • Want topic ratings?
  • Do you Want to push new content to your users via the internet or intranet using versioning control?
  • Do you want your user assistance to have a modern look and feel?
  • Do you want to link, not just import content into your projects?

Your wanting is over. RoboHoelp 9 is here. Free 3o day evaluation copy here.