Publishing Custom Structured XML With FrameMaker 10

More often than not, we hear about XML in some Standard Structure like DITA, Xdocbook and S1000D. We go to E-Seminars or Tradeshows and it seems like every software vendor is pushing us into one standard or another. Do not get me wrong, standards are important and useful, that is why FrameMaker 10 supports most of the popular ones straight “out of the box”. We in fact, support the latest DITA 1.2 standard, when most other full XML editors and publishing solutions do not.If you are thinking that maybe your situation is a little to different to implement a standard structure, even if a standard like DITA allows for specialization, you are not alone. The issue is that for most other XML editors and publishing solutions, supporting anything but the most popular standard is to time consuming and costly. Have you ever try creating an xslt stylesheet to transform a custom structure to pdf or html in a professional production environment? Maybe you have. Maybe you work for a large enterprise that can afford the effort or maybe you are like I was for 20+ years, a consultant.I made a good living writing xslt stylesheets for enterprises that could afford it.

Given this environment, it is understandable that most software vendors push you toward a standard. If they had to complete based on you creating your own unique DTD or Schema, it would not be even close. FrameMaker just does it best, faster and cheaper.

That said, I wanted to get a video out to you that gave you a quick understanding of how Adobe FrameMaker 10 supports custom structures for both editor environments and publishing solutions. The good news is we have a large pool of Adobe Certified Consultants that can make quick work of setting this up for you, if you want to outsource this task.

Feel free to contact me for recommendations of consultants in your area that can make your custom implementation, quick and easy.

Enjoy the video and spread the word! Support files linked below.

What’s New In Dita 1.2? Why Would An Enterprise Want To Implement It?

Title – What’s New In Dita 1.2? Why Would An Enterprise Want To Implement It?

Description: Attend this free eSeminar featuring Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist, and Noz Urbina, Congility 2011 Conference Expert, for this engaging and interactive eSeminar, as they walk you through DITA 1.2, which includes significantly more features than DITA 1.1.

Global enterprises, both large and small, want to know more about these new features and why they are critical to content structure success.   

Tom and Noz will give a high-level view of the information deployment challenges currently facing enterprises. Although DITA 1.1 helped revolutionize the world of documentation, we will talk about its deficiencies and how DITA 1.2 effectively fills these gaps. 

Link To Recorded Session:

Date – April 12, 2011 (Tuesday), Time – 10:00 AM (EST)

If It Is Not Broken, Why Fix It? Why Would An Enterprise Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Adobe FrameMaker 10 And Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3?

Title: If It Is Not Broken, Why Fix It? Why Would An Enterprise Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Adobe FrameMaker 10 And Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3?

Short Description: Join Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist for an interactive and engaging eSeminar, as he talks about Documentation LifeCycle and how to measure Return On Investment (ROI) when changing your current environment to the latest revision of Adobe FrameMaker 10 and Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.

We know that the new features built into the latest releases of Adobe’s market-leading technical communication tools will significantly improve productivity and give us the ability to communicate in new ways. But how do we communicate this value in a language that the management will understand and appreciate? It’s called “Return On Investment (ROI)”.

Tom will also give a quick demonstration of some of the most valued new FrameMaker 10 and Technical Communication Suite 3 features as they relate to ROI.

Date: May 12th, 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 10:00 am to 11.00 am PST
Register here

RoboHelp 9′s PDF Review Function

RoboHelp 9 has a new feature called “PDF For Review” that is worth upgrading for alone, if you currently have an older version. When you look at RoboHelp’s competition and the costs associated with trying to mirror “PDF For Review” functions, it is a main driver to switch to RoboHelp Also.

I have created a video on how to use “PDF For Review”, enjoy it and spread the word

Boston STC Meeting March 16th, Talking About Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3

If you live in the Boston, Ma area and are interested in learning more about Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3, I recommend you attend the STC Boston Chapter’s next meeting.

Millennium Consulting, a Silver Adobe Business Partner will be presenting what’s new in Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3, FrameMaker 10 and RoboHelp 9. I would have been there in person, but I will be in Long Beach, CA at the WritersUA conference. I will be dialing in to answer any questions that arise.

The meeting will be held at:

Hilton Garden Inn
5 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 781-272-8800

5:45 – 9:00 PM – Dinner meeting
(6:30 – Dinner, 7:30 – Presentation)

For more information go to

Technical Communication Suite 3 Latest News

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the beginning of a series of events Adobe would be hosting/participating in to celebrate “20 glorious years of Adobe RoboHelp” throughout FY 2011.

As you all know, Adobe launched RoboHelp 9 on 11th Jan, 2011 amidst much fanfare, along with the latest releases of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 and Adobe FrameMaker 10.

With Adobe RoboHelp 9, now you can easily author, collaborate, personalize, and optimize content for help systems, policies and procedures, and professional knowledgebases for multichannel, multidevice publishing. Save time with collaborative reviews, reusable assets, and dynamic user-centric content. Boost participation with user-generated content and moderated or stored commenting.

For more information, please visit the product websites:

Product website for Adobe RoboHelp 9:

Product website for Adobe RoboHelp Server 9:

If you missed the LIVE launch eSeminar for Adobe RoboHelp 9, please view the ON-DEMAND recording at your convenience:

Now, you can TEST-DRIVE Adobe RoboHelp 9 (as a part of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3) at your convenience:

Also, you can view TRAINING VIDEOS on the TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL on Adobe TV at your convenience:

Some other very useful resources you will find on the Adobe RoboHelp 9 website, include:

1. Product Datasheet (downloadable PDF)

2. Reviewer’s Guide (downloadable PDF)

3. On-demand eSeminars: and_seminar&product=Technical+Communication+Suite&interest=&audience=

4. FREE 30-day Trial Download:

5. Product Management Blog:

6. Reviews and Awards:

7. Case Studies:

Now, we are embarking on a year-long celebration of “20 glorious years of Adobe RoboHelp”, which will see us do special events and run special campaigns for our users.

You can catch the Adobe team at the following events across the globe throughout FY 2011. At all of these events, we will have exclusive Adobe RoboHelp workshops and receptions. We would love to have you join us for these special Adobe-hosted events, and I will keep you updated on the same periodically. Plus, we will run campaigns to let you win Adobe software and other attractive prizes throughout 2011. Just our way of saying “A BIG THANK YOU” for being with us for 20 years and beyond!

WritersUA 2011, March 13 – 16, 2011, Long Beach, CA, USA:

Your chance to register for a FREE “Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3″ give-away by signing up before eod 4th March, 2011 (Friday):

STC Summit 2011, 15 – 18 May, 2011, Sacramento, CA, USA:

UA Europe 2011, 16 – 17 June, 2011, Brighton, UK:

LavaCon 2011, 13 – 16 November, 2011, Austin, TX, USA:

I will be adding more events and special campaigns to this list periodically, to keep you posted.

For more information, please visit the product websites:

Product website for Adobe RoboHelp 9:

Product website for Adobe RoboHelp Server 9:

Product website for Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3:

Product website for Adobe FrameMaker 10:

Product website for Adobe FrameMaker Server 10:

Creating An Adobe AIR Application With Commenting And Topic Rating

How do I create and use an Adobe AIR that includes Commenting, Moderation of the Comments and Topic Ratings? This is a very popular question. I have pulled together a quick video showing how easy it is.

Enjoy the video and spread the word. Brought to you by the Company you can count on, Adobe Systems, Inc.