Publishing Custom Structured XML With FrameMaker 10

More often than not, we hear about XML in some Standard Structure like DITA, Xdocbook and S1000D. We go to E-Seminars or Tradeshows and it seems like every software vendor is pushing us into one standard or another. Do not get me wrong, standards are important and useful, that is why FrameMaker 10 supports most of the popular ones straight “out of the box”. We in fact, support the latest DITA 1.2 standard, when most other full XML editors and publishing solutions do not.If you are thinking that maybe your situation is a little to different to implement a standard structure, even if a standard like DITA allows for specialization, you are not alone. The issue is that for most other XML editors and publishing solutions, supporting anything but the most popular standard is to time consuming and costly. Have you ever try creating an xslt stylesheet to transform a custom structure to pdf or html in a professional production environment? Maybe you have. Maybe you work for a large enterprise that can afford the effort or maybe you are like I was for 20+ years, a consultant.I made a good living writing xslt stylesheets for enterprises that could afford it.

Given this environment, it is understandable that most software vendors push you toward a standard. If they had to complete based on you creating your own unique DTD or Schema, it would not be even close. FrameMaker just does it best, faster and cheaper.

That said, I wanted to get a video out to you that gave you a quick understanding of how Adobe FrameMaker 10 supports custom structures for both editor environments and publishing solutions. The good news is we have a large pool of Adobe Certified Consultants that can make quick work of setting this up for you, if you want to outsource this task.

Feel free to contact me for recommendations of consultants in your area that can make your custom implementation, quick and easy.

Enjoy the video and spread the word! Support files linked below.