A must read by my first and only FrameMaker teacher

My first and only FrameMaker teacher was Max Hoffmann. My brother and I were in the first few years of building Integrated Technologies, Inc. Although we had a large customer base of Sun Microsystems enterprise adopters and a large pool of UNIX instructors, we wanted to diversify our business, in a way we could leverage our UNIX customer base. FrameMaker was the perfect fit.

One of our customers (do you remember Solomon Brothers?) asked us to not just train their SunOS UNIX System Administrators and Users, but to take on a product they just purchased called FrameMaker. I called Frame Technology and the next thing I knew Max Hoffmann was knocking on our door ready to teach my whole training staff FrameMaker 3.

Max just wrote a great article about 25 years of FrameMaker “Why this product still Rocks after a quarter of a century”. It is a must read. Here is the link http://bit.ly/gtzaBa.

If you have a story about how you used FrameMaker over the years, please let me know where you posted it and I will pass it on. Max I think you are starting a revolution!

Max you are a true FrameMaker Champion!