Lower Language Translation Costs When Using FrameMaker 10 and XML

There has been a few inquiries about “How Do We Lower Our Language Translation Costs”.

When I was a consultant last year before I joined Adobe Systems, Inc. I worked on a project with Globalization Partners International (GPI) to do just that. The Client had unstructured FrameMaker content and we converted that content to DITA XML with special formating attribute Namespace for Language Difference DTP requirements. These special namespace attributes allowed the source content to remain DITA XML and still be able to roundtrip the different language versions of the content for publish using FrameMaker.

Publishing and editting with FrameMaker was the only way to do this within a reasonable budget of both time and money. FrameMaker’s edd layer is uniquely able to quickly create an attribute override WYSIWYG publishing envirnment.

Here is a link to the Whitepaper http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/framemaker/whitepapers/adobe_fm_DITA_publishing_costs.pdf

Here is a link to an E-Seminar by Max Hoffmann, GPI (my first and only Unstructured FrameMaker teacher!) http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=set_registered&id=1706334&loc=en_us

It was a great project to work on with Max and Global Partners International