Linking and Importing MSWord Documents in RoboHelp 9

I just came back from this years STC 2011 in Sacromento, CA. What a great event this year. Everyone was so positive and looking for ways to incorporation multimedia in their documentation and output to tablets.

We had a great time demo’ing how you can import video into FrameMaker / RoboHelp and output to not just PDF, but E-Pub files for the IPad and other tablets. It’s a WOW feature.

The thing that suprised me was that so many people did not realize that you can import or link MSWord documents into RoboHelp. Not many people know you could singlesource MSWord content and publish through RoboHelp to produce E-Pub files for the IPad also. It really blew their mind when I showed them how to edit their MSWord content and then just open RoboHelp and generate Adobe AIR, WebHelp, HTMLHelp, EPub, JavaHelp …