Ever Wonder Who Was Responsible For The Creation Of RoboHelp?

Ankur Jain (RoboHelp and Adobe TCS Product Manager), RoboHelp Champions John Daigle, Peter Grainge, Matt Sullivan, Rick Stone and I (newbie) were working the Adobe Booth and presenting at this year’s WriterUA in Long Beach, CA. It was a great conference.

John Daigle had a great idea. He knew the creator of RoboHelp, Gen Kiyooka lived in the area and reached out to him. We all went to dinner. Gen picked the winner of a Technical Communication Suite 3 give-a-way, then someone came up with idea of John video interviewing Gen with Peter and Rick. I think Matt was chancing down a banner we needed. He volunteered because Long Beach is his stumping ground.

Here is the link to the video interview with Gen Kiyooka, the orginal creator of RoboHelp  http://bit.ly/k6S9YF

Good times. Good times!