The Hyland Software Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Adobe AIR Success Story is now available in the Customer Showcase at

Hyland Software is a leading developer of ECM software, which saves corporations of all sizes a lot of time and money by automating key business processes. OnBase is the company’s premiere product. When the Custom Solutions Group of Hyland’s Technical Services division was faced with the challenge of incorporating application program interface (API) content housed across many software groups company-wide, Hyland adopted Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Adobe AIR. The goal was to help ensure Hyland could satisfy customer requests for Software Development Kits (SDKs) with certain APIs.


Because Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR are so easy to use, Hyland developers and documentation specialists quickly became proficient with the solutions. Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR allowed the Custom Solutions Group to develop comprehensive, easy-to-navigate SDKs to enable customers to quickly improve how they use their OnBase solutions. For Hyland, another benefit is the advanced search functionality in content created with Adobe RoboHelp (and delivered as an application in Adobe AIR) has made it much easier for customers to find the information they need, dramatically reducing support calls. 


Based on the specific APIs needed by a customer, the Hyland team is able to utilize metadata tags to generate subsets of the SDK that are tailored to each customer and delivered with software releases. With the Adobe solution, the team delivered SDKs six months faster greatly exceeding all previous expectations.


Due to the success Hyland saw in using Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR for the SDK, solutions engineers on Hyland’s medical team used Adobe solutions to incorporate OnBase into the medical vertical. They developed an Interactive Healthcare Checklist that can be maintained and launched from a single platform. To learn more about Hyland Software and its use of Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR, click here:



The recap is as follows:


Customer Success Story

Company: Hyland Software

Region: United States






• Integrated software development kit

Hyland Software is using Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Adobe AIR to consolidate API content in different formats from many sources into a single, integrated document.



Adobe RoboHelp 9

Adobe AIR

FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript Resource Links

Ok, you have been asking for it and now here it is. Below are a compilation of links pointing to our Adobe FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript resources.

Recording of the E-Seminar


General information and ExtendScript documentation


PDF reference:

OMV reference (XML file):


Blog Posts on ExtendScript

Overview of extendscript


Sample scripts

Adobe Announces the Inaugural Tech Comm Enterprise Summit 2011

Adobe invites you to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Adobe FrameMaker and the 20th anniversary of Adobe RoboHelp at the inaugural Adobe Tech Comm Enterprise Summit 2011!

If you are a Tech Pubs Manager, a Documentation Manager or a Content Strategist in a large enterprise, these two full-day Adobe thought leadership executive events are tailor-made for you.
For event details and registration, please visit the link below.

Mark your calendar for an eventful day with Team Adobe! Meet the Adobe Product Management team. Share your feedback and experience. Influence the future… product roadmap. Catch experts like Scott Abel and Maxwell Hoffman as they dispel myths about technical writing and simplify content strategy. Find out how customers leverage Adobe’s technical communication solutions to author, enrich, review, publish, disseminate, and re-purpose technical content – while complying with industry standards, ensuring fastest go-to-market, and driving productivity. Rub shoulders with the “who’s who” of the technical communication industry. Get featured in video interviews. Participate in fun-filled on-the-spot contests and win exciting prizes. Enjoy the exclusive Adobe hospitality…while you learn, network, and grow!

Who will benefit from attending: Decision-makers, strategists and managers in the technical authoring and publishing departments in enterprises

  • Documentation Manager
  • Manager, Technical Documentation
  • Manager, Technical Writing
  • Director/VP/Head of Documentation
  • Director/VP/Head of Publishing
  • Senior Content Strategist/Content Strategist
  • Manager, Learning and Development
  • Director/VP/Head/Manager of Training
  • Director/VP/Head/Manager of Learning

P.S.: Registration is free of cost. Prior registration is mandatory for attending. Seating being limited, Adobe will confirm the registration status via email and phone on an individual basis a few days before the actual event.

Look forward to seeing many of you at the event.

S1000D and ROI Whitepapers now available for download

Download link:

S1000D Support in Adobe FrameMaker 10

Here’s a summary of the Whitepaper.

S1000D is the efficient, modern way to create, manage, and publish technical documentation for aerospace and defence projects. As an international specification, S1000D is being widely adopted for military projects in place of existing national standards. It is also gaining ground for civil aerospace projects. Whether you have a contractual requirement to deliver S1000D or chose the specification voluntarily, there is a lot to get used to before initial publication. While the complexity of S1000D cannot be ignored, it can be tamed when you have the right tools.

Adobe® FrameMaker® 10 delivers S1000D support as standard. Find out how easy it is to create your first S1000D issue 4.0 project using Adobe FrameMaker’s innovative Common Source Data (CSD) features. With FrameMaker, your S1000D project can start small and then grow as your needs dictate.

On-Demand Recording of Webinar “S1000D Publishing with Adobe FrameMaker 10”:

2. Migration to Structured Authoring: Determining the Highest ROI, Lowest TCO Solution

Here’s a summary of the Whitepaper.

Content development managers today have a number of pressures driving them to consider structured and topic-based authoring. They have heard that migrating from unstructured content to topic-based structured content can result in significant cost savings. However, the Return on Investment (ROI) justification may not be clear. Moreover, once the decision is made to migrate, choosing the best processes and authoring tools out of the many that are available can be overwhelming. This paper discusses the issues involved in migrating to topic-based structured content, develops a list of requirements that an ideal structured authoring tool should have, and proposes a solution that has the highest ROI and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Useful Resources for RoboHelp Users and Enthusiasts

Adobe Technical Communication Blog


RoboSource Control 3.1 is now supported on 64-bit machines

Adobe RoboSource Control 3.1 is a source control application that ships with Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Technical Communication Suite 3.5. You can use RoboSource Control to manage your RoboHelp projects. It enables you to store all the files from a RoboHelp project in a server-based database, i.e. add the project to version control.  These project files may then be copied to one or more other client PCs allowing members of an authoring team to view and work on the same RoboHelp project simultaneously. This is especially useful in multi-author environments.

On 64 bit machines, multi-author check-in in RoboSource Control 3.1 had certain limitations. I’m pleased to let you know that these limitations have now been addressed, and you can now use RoboSource Control 3.1 on 64-bit machines also by applying the fix. The steps to apply this fix are available in the note “RoboSource Control problems on 64-bit machines“.