From Kapil Verma, FrameMaker Senior Product Manager – Continuing Series

A very happy new year to you all and wish you all the best in your projects and endeavours this year! We certainly are back in the groove of things here at Adobe and excited about the prospects this year!

Today, I have posted the third post in the series we are doing to provide accurate and complete information to our user base, so that they get all the facts on FrameMaker! Today’s post talks about how to publish your FrameMaker content to other formats (and for multiple devices) and not just PDFs. Enjoy the post and please help us spread the information.


Posts made in the series so far
Dec 9, 2011: Post #1: FrameMaker: a real XML authoring and publishing solution. Read the post here
Dec 16, 2011: Found a very interesting blog post from Scott Prentice on the same topic as what Tom posted on last week. Here is the link. I am sure you will find it an interesting read
Dec 16, 2011: Post # 2: Making FrameMaker your “own” – How to customize the User Interface? Read the blog post hereJan 5, 2012: Post # 3: FrameMaker – going beyond PDF! Read the blog post here