Adobe’s Technical Communication Group Has A New Product Evangelist, Maxwell Hoffmann

It is my pleasure to announce Adobe Technical Communication Group’s latest hire, Maxwell Hoffmann who came on board Monday January 16th to assume my former role as Product Evangelist for Adobe Tech Comm Business. Max will be reporting directly to myself, but will be working very closely with all parts of the business. When I was Product Evangelist for the TechComm Business, I believed I reported not just to my hiring manager, but to Engineering, Sales and Marketing while representing the interests of our customers and partners. I know Max feels the same.

Max is no stranger to working with Adobe or our products. He was FrameMaker Product Marketing Manager and later Director of Worldwide Sales Training for Frame Technology. He has done over a dozen webinars, seminars or conference presentations with Adobe since we acquired FrameMaker. He has authored several key White Papers for Adobe as well. Max also authored the FrameMaker 9 Reviewer’s Guide, including embedded Captivate demonstrations.

For the past 15 years, Max has worked with popular Adobe products in heavy, high volume production in the translation industry. He recently completed 3 major RoboHelp projects. Having been exposed to literally thousands of customer source files, he has documented nearly every possible “worst practice” and its solution. Max has continued regular webinars and demonstrations within his industry, nearly always featuring FrameMaker and associated products. He has also managed dozens of projects data migration projects that converted unstructured data from Word and other formats into unstructured or structured FrameMaker. Several of his key projects involved extensive and advanced customization of DITA and structured application files for FrameMaker. He worked with FrameMaker+SGML and has worked with structured FrameMaker in its current form since V7.0.

Naturally, translation vendors cannot pick and choose the tools their customers work with, so Max has also worked with many competitive products. Max is an Adobe Community Professional in FrameMaker, and has beta-tested every version of FrameMaker since V1.75, and has frequently worked in an advisory capacity with many of our key stakeholders in India.

In his previous job with Globalization Partners International, Max also managed GPI’s social media program, scheduling blogs, monitoring user comments, maintaining Twitter feeds and authoring a great deal of SEO-optimized web content and periodic White Papers. By necessity, he has become prolific and compelling writer. At both Frame Technology and several translation companies, Max has authored both sales and customer product training, and has trained over 1,200 people in hands-on software training. By his estimate, he has created at least 75-100 scripted demos throughout his career.

Interesting side note – Max was my first and only FrameMaker teacher, so many years ago.