eSeminar By Tom Aldous – Enterprise Productivity Enhancements in RoboHelp 9 and RoboHelp Server 9. (aka Why RoboHelp 9 Should Be On Everyone’s Desktop?)



Enterprise users regularly use Adobe tools like RoboHelp 9 and RoboHelp Server 9 for Help & Policy Authoring, Publishing and Hosting. However many organizations fail to capitalize on features that enable these tools to be used as enterprise-wide content aggregators (pdf, Word, HTML, FrameMaker, XML, etc.). Businesses of the future will only be thronged by a bigger plethora of content formats and hence a greater challenge towards publishing in a consistent manner and provided content users with a seamless experience. This eSeminar will look at best practices for enterprise-wide content development and publishing using RoboHelp.

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Going global and mobile with Adobe FrameMaker, April 26 – John Smart of Smart Communications, Inc, New York

Enterprise Productivity Series by Tom Aldous:
o Enterprise Productivity Enhancements in RoboHelp 9 and RoboHelp Server 9, May 03
o Enterprise Productivity Enhancements in FrameMaker 10 and FrameMaker Server 10 Environments, May 08

Content Scenarios for exploring new Information Products, May 09 – Intelligent Content thought leader Joe Gollner
Data mining documents for Acronyms and Terminology, May 10 – John Smart of Smart Communications, Inc.
Publishing Multi-Device Enterprise Content Without Migrating to an XML Workflow, May 17
The Secrets of FrameMaker Developer Kit (FDK) , May 24 – John Smart of Smart Communications, Inc.
Getting Real: Electronic Documents for the Field, May 29 – Intelligent Content thought leader Joe Gollner
Deriving efficiencies from collaborative review cycles, May 30 – Oana Diaconu, of Globalization Partners International

Reasons to upgrade from FM 7.x to FM 10: Summary of 10-part blog, By Maxwell Hoffmann Our Adobe TechComm Product Evangelist

Max Hoffmann has pull together a great series of blog posts outlining the reasons why you would want to upgrade to FrameMaker 10, if you are currently using FrameMaker 7.X.

It’s not just about the limited time offer of 30% off list price.

I recommend you give it a read.

Adobe North America TechComm Business Development Manager Alignment Map

Ever wonder who you could contact with FrameMaker, RoboHelp or Technical Communication Suite technical or license questions? Below is a link to a North American Adobe Tech Comm Business Development Manager Alignment Map.

You can always contact me for all questions from any point in the globe at also.

North America PPBU TechCom BDM alignment Map FY12

eSeminar – Up the TechComm Ante on Your Mac with Adobe

April 10, 2012


For Mac users of best-of-breed technical communication tools, there are several options to consider when installing and running tools. In this webinar, Adobe product evangelist Tom Aldous discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using Boot Camp, Parallels 7 and VMWare fusion 4 along with Adobe’s products like FrameMaker, RoboHelp and the Technical Communication Suite. This eSeminar will be led by an on-screen demonstration.

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