Move from Adobe FrameMaker 7.X to 10 and get 30% Off

Dear Framers,

Do you still use FrameMaker 7.X for authoring content? Move to FrameMaker 10 – at a 30% discount!

Since the 7.X versions, Adobe FrameMaker has added many features that have been remarkable strides towards easier authoring and better content delivery.

Why users should upgrade:

  • Author with ease in a fully integrated environment with a new, intuitive UI to easily create unstructured and structured (XML/DITA/S1000D) content.
  • Work more efficiently by leveraging customizable workspaces, standards-compliant predefined templates, and a host of usability enhancements
  • Create engaging, high-impact documentation with rich multimedia, 3-D images and graphics
  • Collaborate smarter and faster with PDF–based roundtrip peer reviews
  • Take your content to wider audiences by publishing to multiple formats and screens from a single source document using Adobe FrameMaker Server 10*

Why enterprises should upgrade:

  • Fastest, most cost-effective way to migrate to structured authoring with an automated utility to convert unstructured content into structured XML, lower training costs, flatter learning curves, out-of-the-box CMS connectors, and optimal publishing and translation overheads
  • Improve content creation productivity by powerful single-sourcing capability and automation through advanced scripting
  • Speed up time to market and reduce localization costs via native connectivity with SharePoint, Documentum & other best-of-breed CMSes
  • Review and collaborative smarter and faster by using the easy and free Adobe® Acrobat Reader and the new book capabilities
  • Automatically publish to multiple channels and screens from a single source document using Adobe FrameMaker Server 10*

How to Buy:

  • TLP customers worldwide can call +1-877-687-1520 (toll free for North America only) on any weekday (6.00AM to 5.00PM PST), or contact their nearest reseller
  • CLP customers worldwide can contact their nearest reseller
  • For any queries, please contact

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Adobe FrameMaker 7.X customers can receive a savings of 30% on the FULL version of FrameMaker 10 software purchased through Adobe Customer Service, or a participating reseller worldwide.
  • Offer is available to TLP and CLP customers worldwide. Orders must be placed between April 2, 2012, 12 a.m. and June 15, 2012, 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. Offer void where prohibited.
  • Current pricing is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. This offer is not valid for OEM bundles or Education customers. Local sales taxes and shipping charges may apply.


Give your authoring and publishing experience a big makeover with FrameMaker 10!

TechComm @ Adobe

What’s the differences Between FrameMaker 7.X and FrameMaker 10?

Our Adobe TechComm Product Evangelist, Max Hoffmann has pulled together a series of blogs and videos explaining the differences between FrameMaker 7.X and FrameMaker 10.

I highly recommend that you give them  a read / watch, if you currently use FrameMaker 7.X

YouTube videos:

1: FM10 vs FM7: Pods for Index Markers


2: FM10 vs FM7: UI and Custom Workspaces


3 and 4: FM10 vs FM7: Table Catalogs and Find/Remove Format Overrides


5: FM10 vs FM7: PDF review insert annotations




(New )  — Videos: 5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10


Part 1 of blog series on reasons to upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10


Part 2 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Workspaces and a Friendlier UI

Part 3 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Track changes and Import PDF comments

Part 4 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Catalogs and Format Overrides  ß yellow highlight blog have video

Part 5 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Where were you in 2002?

(Part 6) Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Summary of 10-part blog series

Part 7 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Bookbuilding

Part 8 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: XML and Structured Editing

Part 9 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Real support for DITA

Part 10 Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: The world has changed in 10 years and so should your content

News From The Adobe FrameMaker Sr Product Manager – New FDK 10 Documentation Available!


Hope you are well. it gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of the new and improved FDK10 documentation. In this effort, we have consolidated all the different FDK documentation (spread across different versions) into two main sources – the FDK Programmer’s Guide and the FDK Programmer’s Reference. In addition, we have created a new installation guide, which contains information on how to install the FDK. Furthermore, we have added a new section in Getting Started, and did some clean up to remove references which are not relevant.

For detailed information on all the enhancements made, please refer to the blog post

You can access the new documentation on the FrameMaker developer page

We hope that all the FrameMaker FDK developers will find this new resource very useful. We welcome your feedback on the new documentation.


Kapil Verma

Using Technical Communication Suite 3.5 Apps Through A Web Browser

Have you heard of TESTDRIVE?

If you go to you can try all of the Technical Communication Suite 3.5′s Point Products through a web browser on the internet.

Did you want to try FrameMaker 10, RoboHelp 9, Acrobat X, PhotoShop CS 5.5 or Captivate 5.5 but did not want to install the application on to your system? You can now, right through your web browser.

I uploaded a “how to” video to YouTube at

Enjoy and spread the word.

Recorded eSeminar – Publishing Multi-Device Enterprise Content Without Migrating to an XML Workflow


Do enterprises need to convert all their content to XML to be able to publish it to the latest devices or build Content Apps? Not at all! Attend this webinar to understand how your business can stay ahead of industry output trends without migrating from an unstructured FrameMaker environment to XML by using the Technical Communication Suite 3.5.

I plan on showing you a few other Unstructured FrameMaker 10 Tips and Tricks. FrameMaker 10 and XML is cool, but Unstructured FrameMaker is very practical for many Enterprises.

Making giant strides in technical authoring: FrameMaker in the last decade

When –



Adobe FrameMaker has been at the forefront of the technical authoring space for a long time. The ability of product to keep abreast of the latest trends in the content industry has been a significant reason for it’s being a tool-of-choice across the globe. Since the early 2000s, FrameMaker has added many features that have been remarkable strides towards easier authoring and better content delivery. However, a significant number of writers still use older versions of FrameMaker starting from 7.x due to the product’s robust vision. Tom Aldous and Maxwell Hoffmann of Adobe take you on a journey that tell you how the industry and the product have changed in the last decade using a comparative study of product versions. Much of the webinar will be based on Tom and Max’s personal experience with FrameMaker and will also include their vision of the future of technical authoring.

Join Tech Comm Industry Experts for the Adobe Pre-Conference Thought Leadership Event at the STC SUMMIT 2012

Mark your calendar for an eventful day on 20th May (Sunday) with the who’s who of the Tech Comm industry at the STC SUMMIT 2012!

Catch industry stalwarts like Alan Houser, Ann Rockley, Bernard Aschwanden, Beth Gerber, Joe Gollner, Joe Welinske, John Daigle, Joseph Ganci, Kevin Siegel, Lynne A. Price, Matt Sullivan, Neil Perlin, Pam Harrison, and Rick Stone, as they speak on trends in technical communication.

Also, meet the Adobe Tech Comm product team, share your experiences and feedback. Influence the future product roadmap.

Enjoy the exclusive Adobe hospitality…while you learn, network, and grow!

  • Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
  • Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm CST (with breakfast, refreshments and networking lunch included)
  • Venue: The Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago-Rosemont, Illinois, USA

NO REGISTRATION FEE! Just sign up and attend!

Enterprise Productivity Enhancements in FrameMaker 10 and FrameMaker Server 10 Environments

Recorded Link -



A large number of organizations across the globe use FrameMaker 10 and FrameMaker Server 10 for their content authoring and publishing needs. Tom Aldous of Adobe will guide attendees on how to best leverage the tools to streamline enterprise workflows and realize unprecedented productivity benefits. Apart from the demonstration by Tom, attendees are welcome to share any best practices known to them.