Making giant strides in technical authoring: FrameMaker in the last decade

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Adobe FrameMaker has been at the forefront of the technical authoring space for a long time. The ability of product to keep abreast of the latest trends in the content industry has been a significant reason for it’s being a tool-of-choice across the globe. Since the early 2000s, FrameMaker has added many features that have been remarkable strides towards easier authoring and better content delivery. However, a significant number of writers still use older versions of FrameMaker starting from 7.x due to the product’s robust vision. Tom Aldous and Maxwell Hoffmann of Adobe take you on a journey that tell you how the industry and the product have changed in the last decade using a comparative study of product versions. Much of the webinar will be based on Tom and Max’s personal experience with FrameMaker and will also include their vision of the future of technical authoring.