News From The Adobe FrameMaker Sr Product Manager – New FDK 10 Documentation Available!


Hope you are well. it gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of the new and improved FDK10 documentation. In this effort, we have consolidated all the different FDK documentation (spread across different versions) into two main sources – the FDK Programmer’s Guide and the FDK Programmer’s Reference. In addition, we have created a new installation guide, which contains information on how to install the FDK. Furthermore, we have added a new section in Getting Started, and did some clean up to remove references which are not relevant.

For detailed information on all the enhancements made, please refer to the blog post

You can access the new documentation on the FrameMaker developer page

We hope that all the FrameMaker FDK developers will find this new resource very useful. We welcome your feedback on the new documentation.


Kapil Verma