Technical Communication Suite 4, FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker Publishing Server 11 IS HERE!

On Tuesday 24th July we launched the Technical Communication Suite 4 along with FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker Publishing Server 11.

I hope you have read the Adobe product managements blogs on the new product versions: here (FM11), here (TCS4) and here (RH10) if you missed them.

Coming up next is the “What’s New” webinar series where we will feature the respective Product Managers as well as product experts from the techcomm industry giving you a quick view of the new versions of the products, their key features and capabilities. And yes they will answer as many questions as are put to them.

———————————————————————– Adobe launch webinars

What’s new in Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 – Ankur Jain. August 21st. 10-11.30AM PST

What’s new in Adobe FrameMaker 11 – Kapil Verma. August 7th. 10-11.30AM PST

What’s new in Adobe RoboHelp 10 – Ankur Jain. August 14th. 10-11.30AM PST


Presentations by independent product experts

Multiscreen HTML5 for multi-device publishing with Adobe RoboHelp 10 by John Daigle and Willam van Weelden

eBook publishing using RoboHelp 10 by John Daigle and Kevin Siegel

End-to-End Microsoft SharePoint integration with Adobe RoboHelp 10 by  John Daigle

There here … Technical Communication Suite 4, FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker Publish Server 11

I have been waiting to announce the arrival of Technical Communication Suite 4, FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker Publish Server 11. They are going to be your next favorite releases!

Technical Communication Suite 4

FrameMaker 11

FrameMaker Publish Server 11

RoboHelp 10

Here is another great resource that will be talking alot about the new releases.

More to follow!


FrameMaker 11 and FrameMaker Publish Server 11 Reviewer Guides

There is a nice reviewer’s guide (in downloadable pdf form) here which has tons of video and information on the new features in FrameMaker 11 at

and FrameMaker Publish Server 11 at

Adobe Lean Print – Saving The Enterprise Big $$$ While Helping To Save The Planet

Interested in seeing how your Company can save money on Ink And Paper? Email me at, if you would like an Adobe LeanPrint ROI Calculator to help you prove out the Return On Investment. This will help in calculating and illustrating the savings the enterprise can achieve once Leanprint is deployed. This is based on the assumptions and parameters the enterprise will provide.  You can change the parameters in the tab “ Customize-EnterpriseParameters” and the summary is reflected in the “summary” tab.


We have information about Adobe LeanPrint available at following locations.


About Leanprint


Marketing Videos

Are you struggling to create long, complex documents with Microsoft Word? There is a much easier way!

Free eSeminar

Friday, July 13, 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific


Link To Recorded Session



Document crashes. Malfunctioning cross-references. Hanging systems.

Do any of these problems sound familiar when creating long, complex documents with Microsoft Word?

This is eSeminar is designed to address the pain points for anyone trying to create long, complex documents with Microsoft Word. Adobe FrameMaker 10 is built from the ground up to ensure that creating long documents is a ‘smooth sail’. Learn how FrameMaker features like conditional text, cross references, book files, hypertext, automatically generated TOC/LOT/LOF/IX and can streamline your documentation workflow.

Video On Indirect Addressing with DITA 1.2 Keys

I did an eSeminar with Nancy Harrison, Founder of Infobridge-Solutions, Inc yesterday. The topic was “Expand your Content Reuse Potential through Indirect Addressing: Using @keys-based addressing in DITA 1.2″. Here is the link to the recording.

Nancy came to the eSeminar armed with decades of extensive experience.

  • Secretary and charter member of OASIS DITA Technical Committee
  • Former member IBM DITA Architect’s Team
  • Member of OASIS DocBook Technical Committee
  • One of original DocBook DTD developers
  • Frequent speaker at industry conferences
  • Working with SGML/XML since 1992
  • Technical consultant specializing in: Information architecture, XSL / XSL-FO style sheet design, Translation/globalization issues, Migration of unstructured data to structured formats
Needless to say my expectations were high. Nancy did not disappoint. She explained why DITA 1.2 vs. DITA 1.1 so clearly, I was given a new perspective why the changes were implemented. Some of the reasons that hit home were:


  • DITA 1.2 makes implementing DITA without a Content Management System practical due to mapping reusable content with keys
  • In Pre-DITA 1.2, if you were to move the source of a targeted reusable object, you would have to modify every piece of content that pointed to it. Now with keys you only have to modify the one ditamap the contents the link location.
  • Conditional content changes are as easy as loading a new ditamap with the same keys defined to different locations. No more ditaval file or reltables …


This just high lights a few benefits. Watch the recorded eSeminar by clicking of the following link:



I did a demo on how seamless and easy it is to create and modify DITA 1.2 content with FrameMaker 10. I highlighted how to:


  • Upgrade your DITA 1.1 content to DITA 1.2 with a file / open / save
  • How to create and manage keys
  • How to use a key for both DITAMAPs and Topics
  • Talked about “how to conref a range of sibling” and “topicsets” using DITA 1.2 / FrameMaker 10


Bottom line – I recommend you watch this recording. DITA 1.2 keys make implementing DITA easily manageable . FrameMaker makes creating, editing and publishing DITA 1.2 content a breeze.


Tom Aldous

S1000D Support In FrameMaker 10 Whitepaper By Ian Proudfoot

 S1000D PDF Pub s1000d-support-adobe-fm10-whitepaper

S1000D is the efficient, modern way to create, manage, and publish technical documentation for aerospace and defence projects. As an international specification, S1000D is being widely adopted for military projects in place of existing national standards. It is also gaining ground for civil aerospace projects. Whether you have a contractual requirement to deliver S1000D or chose the specification voluntarily, there is a lot to get used to before initial publication. While the complexity of S1000D cannot be ignored, it can be tamed when you have the right tools.

Adobe® FrameMaker® 10 delivers S1000D support as standard. Find out how easy it is to create your first S1000D issue 4.0 project using Adobe FrameMaker’s innovative Common Source Data (CSD) features. With FrameMaker, your S1000D project can start small and then grow as your needs dictate.