S1000D Support In FrameMaker 10 Whitepaper By Ian Proudfoot

 S1000D PDF Pub s1000d-support-adobe-fm10-whitepaper

S1000D is the efficient, modern way to create, manage, and publish technical documentation for aerospace and defence projects. As an international specification, S1000D is being widely adopted for military projects in place of existing national standards. It is also gaining ground for civil aerospace projects. Whether you have a contractual requirement to deliver S1000D or chose the specification voluntarily, there is a lot to get used to before initial publication. While the complexity of S1000D cannot be ignored, it can be tamed when you have the right tools.

Adobe® FrameMaker® 10 delivers S1000D support as standard. Find out how easy it is to create your first S1000D issue 4.0 project using Adobe FrameMaker’s innovative Common Source Data (CSD) features. With FrameMaker, your S1000D project can start small and then grow as your needs dictate.