Video On Indirect Addressing with DITA 1.2 Keys

I did an eSeminar with Nancy Harrison, Founder of Infobridge-Solutions, Inc yesterday. The topic was “Expand your Content Reuse Potential through Indirect Addressing: Using @keys-based addressing in DITA 1.2″. Here is the link to the recording.

Nancy came to the eSeminar armed with decades of extensive experience.

  • Secretary and charter member of OASIS DITA Technical Committee
  • Former member IBM DITA Architect’s Team
  • Member of OASIS DocBook Technical Committee
  • One of original DocBook DTD developers
  • Frequent speaker at industry conferences
  • Working with SGML/XML since 1992
  • Technical consultant specializing in: Information architecture, XSL / XSL-FO style sheet design, Translation/globalization issues, Migration of unstructured data to structured formats
Needless to say my expectations were high. Nancy did not disappoint. She explained why DITA 1.2 vs. DITA 1.1 so clearly, I was given a new perspective why the changes were implemented. Some of the reasons that hit home were:


  • DITA 1.2 makes implementing DITA without a Content Management System practical due to mapping reusable content with keys
  • In Pre-DITA 1.2, if you were to move the source of a targeted reusable object, you would have to modify every piece of content that pointed to it. Now with keys you only have to modify the one ditamap the contents the link location.
  • Conditional content changes are as easy as loading a new ditamap with the same keys defined to different locations. No more ditaval file or reltables …


This just high lights a few benefits. Watch the recorded eSeminar by clicking of the following link:



I did a demo on how seamless and easy it is to create and modify DITA 1.2 content with FrameMaker 10. I highlighted how to:


  • Upgrade your DITA 1.1 content to DITA 1.2 with a file / open / save
  • How to create and manage keys
  • How to use a key for both DITAMAPs and Topics
  • Talked about “how to conref a range of sibling” and “topicsets” using DITA 1.2 / FrameMaker 10


Bottom line – I recommend you watch this recording. DITA 1.2 keys make implementing DITA easily manageable . FrameMaker makes creating, editing and publishing DITA 1.2 content a breeze.


Tom Aldous