I will be hosting Lynne Price’s XSLT eSeminars

I highly recommend attending these eSeminars.

Date: 5 Sep, 10-11AM PST
Topic: Maintaining XSLT code as a structured FrameMaker document
This webinar describes a structured FrameMaker application for editing XSLT. While the document window appears to show actual XSLT code, the structure of the edited document is an easily-understood variation of that used in the final XML output. Features of this editing structure include:

1) Names of various constructs (variables, templates, modes, and so forth) can be entered once and referenced multiple times as cross-references. To change a name therefore, a user need only change the typed occurrence and update cross-references; there is no need to search for all the individual occurrence.

2) The user can navigate through multiple files with generated lists of elements such as named templates and calls to those templates. Index markers can be used to generate an index into the code.

3) Elements in the structured document spare the user the need to remember details of XSLT syntax such as the names of the different axes and the order of the arguments to various functions. Color is used to visually identify matching parentheses and help prevent some syntax errors.

Once a document is complete, the user saves it as XML using an application that uses XSLT itself to change from the editing structure into actual XSLT code. Furthermore, existing XSLT code can be brought into this environment by opening it using an application that converts XSLT to the editing structure.

In addition to demonstrating a productive environment for maintaining XSLT transforms (or stylesheets), this application illustrates:

1) A practical application of the XSLT features Tom Aldous described in his recent 5-part series of presentations on XSLT in FrameMaker

2) How useful FrameMaker 11 can be for producing XML

3) A situation in which there is more information in a FrameMaker structured document than the corresponding XML

Date: Oct 2, 10-11AM PST
Title: Debugging XSLT with FrameMaker 11
In this presentation, Lynne Price of Text Structure Consulting illustrates how a developer can use new FrameMaker 11 features to test and maintain XSLT code. Lynne will use an XSLT advanced run to transform all files in a test suite and examine the results using XPath to find particular structures, make changes, and repeat the process until correct results are produced.