Annoucing 3 key new and improved FrameMaker 11 related documentation!

Hope you are well. I am pleased to announce the availability of 3 key new and improved FrameMaker related documentation.


  1. We have provided documentation on couple of .ini files that come with FrameMaker. The first of these files is maker.ini, which has several flags through which you can control various aspects of FrameMaker. In addition, we are also providing documentation on the new ditafm-output.inifile in FrameMaker 11. Thought the flags in this file, you can generate professional looking PDF output easily from your DITA content (e.g. you have options for automatically generating TOC/ Index, setting numbering options, specifying templates etc.)
    1. For more information on what the documentation covers, please see the blog post
    2. The documentation for both these .ini files can be found at


  1. Updated FDK11 documentation(including what’s new) is also available now
    1. For more information on FDK11 documentation, see the blog post
    2. FDK11 documentation is available at the FrameMaker devnet page


Thanks to the Adobe Learning Resources team for producing and making this content available. Hopefully, FrameMaker developers and users will find this documentation useful. Let us know your thoughts/comments.