Which Version Of FrameMaker Is Your Favorite?

Everyone who has ever used FrameMaker in their daily workflow has their favorite version. In the past, mine was FrameMaker 4 with its Tables Formats, Book Building, Conditional Text and do you remember FrameMaker Viewer. When FrameMaker 7.2 came out and included both structured and unstructured document creation plus the addition of Acrobat for pdf generation, I was sold.

So many years later, I have seen many incremental strong FrameMaker release builds that gave us Track Edits, Multiple Undo, Auto Spellcheck, DITA / S1000D support, XSLT on Save and Open, etc. But with all of these useful features that were worth buying or upgrading for, I never loved these different versions equally (like a parent does). I always remembered 7.2 as being the special one.

Now that we have FrameMaker 11 with its profile configurable interface including menus modifications, XML Source Code, Author and the iconic WYSIWYG Views, XSLT any time, XPath, Object Tags and more,  I have a new favorite.

When the interface changed from 7.2 to 8.0 I had a hard time adjusting. Now with the profile configurable pull down menu interface where you can hide and show pallets, pods and menu items, I now can make FrameMaker 11 truly my own. I love how FrameMaker 11 reconfigures the interface because I tell it I am a designer of templates, reviewer, unstructured author or XML editor.

If you have not tried it, I highly recommend you do. Here is a link to download a fully functioning 30 day evaluation version of FrameMaker 11 at http://www.adobe.com/products/framemaker/try.html . You can buy it on the same page.

Let me know what your favorite features are.