JoAnn Hackos’ Free eSeminar “Adopting DITA to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity–Backing up your Claims”

I will be HOSTING this one!


Monday, November 19, 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific


When managers develop business cases to support a move to the OASIS DITA Standard, they must estimate a Return on Investment (ROI). Decision-makers require that the investment required in tools, training, and process change be recouped within a reasonably short time span, often one to two years, at least for the cost of tools acquisition and implementation. Business cases often include predictions of decreased costs for translation and increased productivity from reductions in formatting activities and the direct reuse of standard content rather than through duplication or cut-and-paste. After implementation, managers are charged with comparing their predictions to the actual cost reductions to prove that they have achieved their goals and to predict future savings.

Dr. JoAnn Hackos reports on the results of the 2012 CIDM (Center for Information-Development Management) business survey. The survey asks manager what predictions they included in their business cases for DITA adoption, whether those predictions were accurate, and whether they have continued to experience reduced costs and increased productivity. The results of the 2012 survey are compared with the results of the 2010 survey. Dr. Hackos presents several case studies that provide examples of cost reduction and productivity increases experienced by CIDM members.

Dr. JoAnn Hackos, is the President of Comtech Services, Inc. and the Director of The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM).