FDK11 documentation has been enhanced to include information on new CMS API and FrameMaker 11 Maker.INI editing

I wanted to announce the availability of two important pieces of documentation that we have enhanced for you.

  1. FDK11 documentation has been enhanced to include information on new CMS API. With this API, you can build a seamless connector between your CMS and FrameMaker 11, and with less effort! Interested? Please see the following links to learn more about how you can do it.
    1. For information about how to build a connector and access to an open-source sample connector built using this API, please refer to the blog post here
    2. Enhanced FDK 11 documentation including the information on the new CMS API is available here. To get a summary of what has been added to the FDK11 documentation, please see the short post here
    3. You can also visit the FrameMaker devnet page to get access to other useful developer resources.


  1. Documentation on the .ini flags has also been enhanced. This documentation covers maker.ini flags as well as the new flags (ditafm-output.ini), which are related to publishing your DITA content to a professional looking PDF. We have enhanced the documentation on maker.ini to include explanation of 240 individual flags , abstract explanation of about 10 sections that include many more such flags. Moreover, the present document includes information about adding many flags that are not there in the maker.ini file by default.
    1. To know more about how you can publish your DITAMAP to a professional PDF, while automatically generating TOC, Index etc., please see the blog post here
    2. See the enhanced .ini documentation here. PDF version of the same can be found here

Big thanks to our documentation team for making these enhancements. Hopefully, you will find these useful. Let us know your feedback/comments.