Our Senior Product Manager, Adobe TechComm Announces Work Around Fix For the FrameMaker 10 January 1, 2013 Start Issue

Many users have reported an issue with launching of FrameMaker 10*. Starting Jan 1 of this year, users saw a message “Licensing for this product has expired”. We have already isolated the cause of this issue and are now working aggressively to provide a solution to our users. That being said, we do realize that many of you are blocked on your daily work due to this issue. We sincerely apologize for this and completely understand the difficult situation you are in.

While we work on a solution, we want you to be able to continue doing your work and be productive. For this, I have posted more details and a workaround to this issue on my blog post here. This workaround will enable you to continue working with FM10 in the interim. I will be posting regular updates as and when they become available on this blog post. So, please do keep checking the blog post for more details. Our hope is to provide a complete solution within the next 24 hours. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

* Note that this issue affects only FrameMaker 10 users and not those users using other versions of the product




Kapil Verma

Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker | FrameMaker Publishing Server