Free Elearning Classes (Recorded) – XSLT Is Easier Than You Heard To Create And Very Powerful For XML To XML Transforms

Find Out How to Write XSLT Statements for XML to XML Transformations in a 5-part eSeminars Series


June 28, 2012 – July 19, 2012 – Recorded

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Part 4 › Wednesday, July 18, 2012 – Link to recording

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One of the advantages of using XML as a source file format is that it’s application-independent. Some of the other advantages include easy reusability and language translation cost reductions.

Did you know that the biggest advantage of XML is that you can transform your source content with very quick and easy-to-write XSLT statements? FrameMaker can apply an XSLT transform on ‘Open’ and ‘Save’. The possibilities are endless if you know the basics of “how to” write XSLT for XML to XML transforms. You can use attributes to automatically apply Conditional Tag processing instructions. You can build TOC’s at the top of each chapter without having to do it manually with cross references. And there are several other uses.

The problem earlier used to be that you either had to have an XSLT developer on staff or outsource the requirement. With your imagination, creativity and the knowledge gathered through this webinar series – the possibilities are endless.