Free Webinar – The Evolution of Technical Communication Processes

 eSeminar Hosted By Adobe and presented by Tom Aldous of Acrolinx

Link To Webinar Recording

Date – March 27, 2013 – RECORDED

Former Adobe Director – Business Development and Evangelism, Thomas Aldous, now Sr. Vice President, shares his perspective on where content is going. Having worked with DITA/XML and FrameMaker for years, Tom now has expanded his vision into how to optimize content and make it more useable. In his own words:

“In the couple of decades that I have been involved in the Technical Communications industry, there has been a very interesting migration of processes and workflows.

At first, simply creating our content in a word processor was a huge productivity enhancer. We then evolved further by creating our content in standardized templates in a desktop publishing system. Lately, consumers have adopted and adapted to a mobile content interactive experience using their new tablets and smart phones.

Single sourcing content to these multiple devices in an automated fashion is the current “holy grail”, but which approach is best? The current question that is begging to be asked is, so what is next?”

Knowing Tom, we can expect some highly original examples, images and useful metaphors for workflows that you probably have never thought of before. Be sure to attend this event, which is a precursor to an actual live demonstration of a dynamic solution, later in April.

About the Presenter: Thomas Aldous is Senior Vice President of Global Operations atAcrolinx. A former Director of Business Development and Evangelism for Tech Comm Suite with Adobe, Tom has well over 20 years experience in high level consulting implimenting publishing solutions built around XML, DITA, FrameMaker and other products