Free Webinar – Leveraging the Power of Two Industry Leaders: Acrolinx and FrameMaker

eSeminar Hosted By Adobe and presented by Tom Aldous of Acrolinx

Link To Recorded Video

Date – April 10, 2013

In our previous eSeminar, “The Evolution of Technical Communication Processes”, we talked about the next megatrend on the horizon.  Now it’s time to apply these concepts firsthand and fully realize the power of information quality control within one of the most powerful desktop publishing environments available today. Witness a powerful demonstration of how Acrolinx can enhance FrameMaker content far beyond where you thought it could go!

Content is king, as we all know, but many of those in the technical writing industry lack the means to truly prioritize their content. As a result, errors can escape the notice of even the most well-intentioned writers and editors. With Acrolinx, we’ll show you how to tighten your writing skills and nip these problems in the bud – from basic spelling and grammar errors, to more industry-specific problems like the use of deprecated terminology, branding violations, and ambiguous/superfluous phrases and vocabulary.  We’ll also show you how Acrolinx optimizes content reuse for purposes of consistency and localization/translation.

About the Presenter: Thomas Aldous is Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Acrolinx. A former Director of Business Development and Evangelism for Tech Comm Suite with Adobe, Tom has well over 20 years experience in high level consulting implimenting publishing solutions built around XML, DITA, FrameMaker and other products.