I am pleased to announce a new member to the Acrolinx Team – Allison Hepburn

Today I am happy to announce our newest addition to the Acrolinx Team. Please join me in welcoming Allison Hepburn, our new Product Evangelist!

Allison comes to us from IBM where she served as their Technical Editing and Videography Team Lead. It was there that, among her many other duties, she was tasked with maintaining and improving the quality of IBM’s documentation using Acrolinx. Naturally, she quickly fell in love with our product’s capabilities and has been championing Acrolinx.

If you have any questions about Acrolinx in the workflow, I know that Allison’s “real world” use of Acrolinx in her former position will be extremely helpful. Be careful though, her enthusiasm is infectious.

Allison Hepburn, our new Product Evangelist can be reached at:

email – Allison.Hepburn@acrolinx.com

Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/allisonhepburn

Twitter – amhepburn


Tom Aldous