Rapid Task Authoring. Now DITA Is Getting Interesting. Oh Yea, It Saves Word, PDF, HTML And Custom Structure Also.

The Technical Authoring market is starting to get real interesting lately. I have found a few authoring packages that focus on making it extremely easy for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create core content to hand off to Technical Writers.

The one that stands out the best happens to be from a gentleman I met while over in Bangalore India. We were both attending the TCWorld India 2013 event. We were both presenters at the event to be more specific.

Alexander created a solution that reminded me of Captivate for rapidly creating task-based documentation. The product is called StepShot and it can be found at http:\\www.stepshot.net


Basically Stepshot allows you to set a screen or region to capture screenshots and then builds DITA tasks or many other output formats from them. You can add titling and headings (context).

Very cool stuff. I highly recommend it. Acrolinx can work on all its output formats also!

Tom Aldous