Acrolinx® Product Overview

Acrolinx helps your authors optimize your content and assess the results.

How Acrolinx® Works

The foundation of Acrolinx is a natural language processing (NLP) engine that helps authors create better content by checking it against corporate standards for terminology, spelling, grammar,  style, tone of voice, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The following pages cover these major topics:

  • Checking: The heart of Acrolinx is its capability to check and advise authors on their spelling, grammar, style, terminology and SEO. Acrolinx can also guide authors to reuse sentences that have already been translated instead of sending equivalent but slightly different sentences for translation.
  • Authoring tool integration: This covers which authoring tools Acrolinx supports and illustrates the experience of using Acrolinx within those tools. You will also learn about the Desktop Checker, which lets you check content from any source; the Batch Checker, which lets you check many files at once; and the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that are available so you can build your own integrations with Acrolinx.
  • Reporting & analytics: Learn about generating both standard and customized reports.
  • Licensing: Describes all of the types of users that Acrolinx supports and how the software is licensed.
  • System administration: Provides information on configuring and administering an Acrolinx system.
  • Specifications: Lists support for languages, platforms and file formats.
  • Implementation: Describes Acrolinx Professional Services’ standard “10-10-10” approach to implementing Acrolinx software.