What Is Great Content All About?

Grab their eyeballs, then grab their hearts and minds: that’s what great content is all about. But to make your content great, how can you help your team:

• Place the right keywords in the right places so people will find it?
• Create simple, buzzword-free language that people find engaging and enjoyable?

There’s software that can help. Acrolinx’s content optimization software watches your writers while they work to guide keyword placement and improve their language.

Why do so many industry leaders use Acrolinx? Because they can:

• Improve web traffic by 30%: to improve your search rankings, you may have turned to third-party SEO (search engine optimization) firms to insert keywords in your content – leading to inevitable “SEO drift” as that content is revised and refined. Acrolinx can help your authors maintain the proper keyword placement and density.

• Reduce localization costs by 10%: your translators charge you for the back-and-forth needed to resolve questions about confusing language. Acrolinx helps you clean up your source content and reduce the burden on your translators.

• Humanize your content: by making sure it’s clear, readable, and warm.

• Ability to manage and track Content Quality via detail aggregated reports.

• An automated process to help authors write to desired “tune of voice”.

Would you be able to set aside 30 minutes so that we can show you how Acrolinx can help you meet your content goals?

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