Free Recorded Video – Measuring Webpage Outcomes, Not Inputs – and Why Content Quality Matters

Date:                Wednesday, October 2 

Recorded Video:     
Presenters:      Gerry McGovern, CEO and Founder, Customer Carewords
Andrew Bredenkamp, President and Founder, Acrolinx

If customer A spends 2 minutes on a page and customer B spends 4 minutes on a page, who was the more satisfied customer? Is it really a good thing that customers and prospects are looking at lots of pages on your website? And does the content you provide cause the reader to act?

The old web metrics are broken. In fact, they’re more than broken: they often give a false impression of your performance. High volumes of visitors, spending lots of time, looking at lots of pages could be positive – but could just as well be negative. Your content could be causing them to spend more time on a page just because you don’t have quality content and you’re not using the right language.

We must move from a model that measures inputs (content produced, page views, number of visitors, etc.) to one based on outcomes. Outcome-based metrics answer the following questions:

  1. Were customers able to find what they needed?
  2. Were prospects compelled to act?
  3. How long did it take them?

If we measure outcomes then we must manage outcomes by:

  1. Maximizing the actions you want them to take
  2. Minimizing the time it takes to act

In this free webinar, learn how you can make your web pages more successful, and how to generate the metrics you need to prove it.