Free Recorded Video – Stand Tall, Techdocs! How to Prove Great Content is Worth the Cost

Recorded Video:

Tom Magliery, XMetaL Technology Specialist, JustSystems
PG Bartlett, SVP Product Management, Acrolinx

You know the value of technical documentation. It often serves as the last resort of a frustrated customer – and the first resort of an interested prospect. Either way, your readers must be able to:

  • Find it
  • Access it on their preferred media
  • Understand it
  • Ideally: enjoy it

But do executives understand the value of techdocs? Maybe at an abstract level, but in this webinar, we’ll help you make the story concrete. You’ll learn about:

  • Three areas where techdocs have the greatest business impact
  • Five best practices of great techdoc departments
  • How XMetaL and Acrolinx can help you deliver great techdocs

Register today for this complimentary webinar and learn how you can tell your story in a more powerful and convincing way.

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