What I learned from my Millennial daughter

I was speaking with my youngest daughter yesterday about a client project. She works for The Content Era in a technical role. Throwing that laptop into my two daughters cribs was a wise move.

Considering that we consult in the Technical Communication Space, being able to print out our client’s documentation before and after our engagement has been a simple rule of mine. Doing a visual inspection on paper is my final check after inspecting the XML source. When I asked her if she has printed out the catalog we just converted from Interleaf / Quicksilver to DITA / XML using Structured FrameMaker, she responded that she does not have a printer in her home office. Everything to her is about screens (cell phone, tablet, and laptop) in either pdf or HTML5. It never even entered into her mind to own a printer.

I have long enabled multi-screen HTML5 publishing, and mobile application builds, but I never considered letting go of my paper publish. The train is moving. The Millenial Generation is driving our future.

Is it time for me to throw out my laser printer or should I force the old tech on her?