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Using Tags as Lightweight Metadata in DITAToo DITA CMS

Having your content stored in a central repository is good as long as you can find what you need quickly and easily.

There’re a number of approaches to organizing content for easy retrieval. One of them is using metadata. Some organizations may have complicated taxonomies with multiple levels. While there is no question that supporting these complex metadata is important, in many cases, you may need something easier to use and maintain.

You can think of tags as lightweight metadata. Tag is a short descriptive label that you assign to a file (whatever it is – a DITA topic, map, image, or any other non-DITA file). A tag can represent whatever you want it to represent: product line, product model, release, information type, subject, you name it. Once files are tagged, you can search and filter by tags.

We’ve recorded this short video to show you how you can use tags to organize content stored in the DITAToo DITA CMS repository.

(YouTube Video):