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7 Part FREE Recorded E-Seminar Series – Unstructured Content To XML / FrameMaker 10 Instructional Series

I recieve inquires about how to move a workflow from unstructured content (be it MSWord or FrameMaker) to an XML one often. The process requires several steps, but once mastered you will be able to “Unleash The Protential Within Your Documentation”.

This is where FrameMaker becomes automagical.

It is very important that you follow the series start to finish. I will bring a sample document through the full process and create all necessary system files. I will provide all files created on my blog.

Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 1:

Creating A FrameMaker Conversion Table


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 2:

Creating A FrameMaker Conversion Table


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 3:

Creating A FrameMaker Conversion Table


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 4:

Element Definition Document (EDD) – Home Grown or a Standard


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 5:

Creating your Structured Template from an Unstructured One


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 6:

Structure Applications and What Is Necessary and How To Create


Unstructured To XML Workflow Series Part 7:

Save As XML, Now What?

I will be taking you through all the steps and workflow requirements to move you from anUnstructured To an XML / FrameMaker 10 workflow. It is going to be an instructional series.

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Free Recorded Video – Introduction to Acrolinx

Recorded Video:      
Time:                                       Noon ET / 9am PT
Presenter:                            Allison Hepburn, Product Evangelist, Acrolinx

In this webinar you’ll learn about Acrolinx content optimization software. We’ll demonstrate how Acrolinx improves content quality throughout your organization and how it helps you support your own content goals. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, Acrolinx helps you create content that consistently uses the right words. Acrolinx will guide you to write with the style and voice that builds better relationships with your customers. Acrolinx can be implemented in almost any environment or department, like technical documentation, engineering, product development, support, or marketing.

Acrolinx features include:

  • Spell and grammar checking
  • Style and terminology checking
  • Multilingual terminology management
  • Reusable text modules
  • User-friendly operation

Benefits for your organization include:

  • Reduced translation costs
  • Accurate and consistent content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automated reporting

This webinar is intended for anyone interested in getting a first look at the Acrolinx software. Successful companies including Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens rely on Acrolinx as their foundation for content communication.

Register today to attend this webinar and learn more about Acrolinx.

Free Recorded Video – How Content Optimization Tools and Effective Quality Management Practices Can Reduce Overall Program Sustainment Costs

Recorded Video:        

Time:                 Noon EDT / 9:00am PDT
Presenter:       Kent Taylor, Co-Founder and EVP, Acrolinx

The Aerospace & Defense community has long recognized the importance of clear communication to successful operations and maintenance of complex equipment and systems, and has been an early adopter of technologies designed to improve written communication.  From task-oriented paper Tech Orders to IETMs; from typewriters to typesetters, to SGML, to S1000D, and early adoption of the ASD-STE 100 specification for Simplified Technical English.  Content optimization is the next breakthrough…

The application of proven quality management practices, driven by effective content optimization tools and meaningful metrics, can help to ensure high quality, consistent content.

And it is generally recognized that high quality, consistent task-oriented content can:

  • Improve end-user:
    • Comprehension
    • Task completion speed
    • Task completion accuracy
    • Return to service times
  • Reduce end-user:
    • Operational and maintenance errors
    • Task completion time
    • Material waste
    • Downtime

Acrolinx has been providing sophisticated Natural Language Processing technology for content optimization and quality management for more than 10 years.  With more than 20,000 users around the world, our customers in the civilian manufacturing, software, finance, and medical device sectors have proven the quality improvement and cost-reduction impact that effective content optimization processes and tools can deliver.

Free Webinar – Socializing Terminology with Acrolinx

Better content for an effective corporate language


Free Registration: 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 3-4pm CET (9am ET)

Michael Klemme, Senior Solutions Architect, Acrolinx
Olivia Voils, Senior Development Manager, Acrolinx

Terminology is about agreeing on your wording, as well as ensuring they are consistently used for your communication purposes. Companies reach out to customers through various channels. To be easily recognizable and easily understood, it is important to speak with one corporate language. To achieve this, terminology management needs to be part of the process.

Many sources need to be considered for term identification, and many departments want to decide on consistent usage in different contexts. A process is needed to guide ongoing terminology work, from harvesting, to decision-making, to mandatory use.

During the Webinar, you will learn how to use Acrolinx to for the following steps:

  • Extract term candidates from content and other sources
  • Aggregate term suggestions
  • Discuss terminology with stakeholders
  • Publish terminology to the broader organization
  • Identify terminology candidates in new content
  • User community submits feedback on terminology

Register today to attend this webinar and learn more about Acrolinx.

Acrolinx® Product Overview

Acrolinx helps your authors optimize your content and assess the results.

How Acrolinx® Works

The foundation of Acrolinx is a natural language processing (NLP) engine that helps authors create better content by checking it against corporate standards for terminology, spelling, grammar,  style, tone of voice, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The following pages cover these major topics:

  • Checking: The heart of Acrolinx is its capability to check and advise authors on their spelling, grammar, style, terminology and SEO. Acrolinx can also guide authors to reuse sentences that have already been translated instead of sending equivalent but slightly different sentences for translation.
  • Authoring tool integration: This covers which authoring tools Acrolinx supports and illustrates the experience of using Acrolinx within those tools. You will also learn about the Desktop Checker, which lets you check content from any source; the Batch Checker, which lets you check many files at once; and the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that are available so you can build your own integrations with Acrolinx.
  • Reporting & analytics: Learn about generating both standard and customized reports.
  • Licensing: Describes all of the types of users that Acrolinx supports and how the software is licensed.
  • System administration: Provides information on configuring and administering an Acrolinx system.
  • Specifications: Lists support for languages, platforms and file formats.
  • Implementation: Describes Acrolinx Professional Services’ standard “10-10-10” approach to implementing Acrolinx software.

Free Webinar – Learn How to Create Content with Great Structure & Great Language – Acrolinx and Oxygen XML Editor

22 May 2013 | 12pm ET (18pm CET)

George Bina, Sales and Marketing Director and Partner, Syncro Soft / oXygen XML Editor
Thomas Aldous, Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Acrolinx

Users of oXygen’s XML editing software already know that XML makes your content flexible. XML lets you assemble your content for different types of customers and publish it to all the devices they use.

And users of Acrolinx’s content optimization software already know that by guiding your authors to use simple, clear language, you can create content that your customers will like better.

In this webinar, you’ll see how you can do both through one consistent, powerful, productive user experience. You will learn:

  • Five key factors to creating XML structured content with ease
  • Six dimensions of content optimization for maximum customer satisfaction
  • How oXygen and Acrolinx work together – and their special support for DITA

Register today for this complimentary webinar and learn how to create content with great structure and great language!

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2013 CMS/DITA North America In Providence, RI – Come See Acrolinx

Conference: Apr. 15-17, 2013, Providence

2013 CMS/DITA North America

Don’t miss our presentation!


Title:                     “First You Have to Find It”
Speaker:               Andrew Bredenkamp,
                               Acrolinx Founder and President
Day:                      Tuesday, April 16th
Time:                     8:30am


This session is for technical documentation managers who want to demonstrate how they can add value beyond creating great content. You’ll get practical advice about how to figure out which keywords you should include and how you should include them.

Do you have inconsistent terminology, mixed messages, and brand violations within your content?

Does your content contain too many wordy phrases, redundant terms, and confusing sentence constructions?

Is your content hard to find?

Then schedule a Strategy Session with Acrolinx at the CMS/DITA Conference and get the answers to your content questions. Learn how to achieve Better Content so you can have:

  • Better Translations
  • Better Service
  • Better SEO

Schedule your CMS/DITA Conference Strategy Session now 

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Free Webinar Hosted By Adobe Presented By Tom Aldous – What Is Acrolinx Exactly? Acrolinx Demo Using FrameMaker As The Editor.

eSeminar Hosted By Adobe and presented by Tom Aldous of Acrolinx

Link To Recorded Video

Date / Time – April 10, 2013 at NOON EST

I am looking forward to presenting this webinar sponsored by Adobe. So many people have asked me, “What is Acrolinx?”, “Can Content Optimization Be Automated”, “How Can I Get Reports On The Shape Of Our Content In Our Repository” and “Can I See a Demo Of The Technology?”.

On Wednesday April 10, 2013 I will be providing answers to all those questions in this fast paced webinar. Register now at

Tom Aldous