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Thought Leader Thursday Free Webinar – Changing the World by Doing Our Jobs

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This week's topic: "Communication Catalysts: Changing the World by Doing Our Jobs" The Content Era’s “Thought Leader Thursday” hosted by Founder and CEO, Tom Aldous, brings up intriguing, concepts with industry’s top Thought Leaders to keep you questioning the assumptions. Tune in Thursdays at 1PM EST as Tom picks the brains of some of the brightest minds we’ve come across. For the kick off to our very first “Thought Leader Thursday” webinar, hear what Tom Aldous and Industry’s Thought Leader, Kit Brown-Hoekstra have to say about how technical communicators can act as catalysts for postive change in the world, just by doing their jobs. Technical Communicators touch basically every product, process, and service on this planet. Without them production, sales, revenue etc. would come to a screeching halt. However, since it’s part of company’s infrastructure technical communicators may not get the credit they deserve. Come along as Tom and Kit delve into their thoughts on what kinds of change technical communicators can provoke and how.

Free Webinar – Socializing Terminology with Acrolinx

Better content for an effective corporate language


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 3-4pm CET (9am ET)

Michael Klemme, Senior Solutions Architect, Acrolinx
Olivia Voils, Senior Development Manager, Acrolinx

Terminology is about agreeing on your wording, as well as ensuring they are consistently used for your communication purposes. Companies reach out to customers through various channels. To be easily recognizable and easily understood, it is important to speak with one corporate language. To achieve this, terminology management needs to be part of the process.

Many sources need to be considered for term identification, and many departments want to decide on consistent usage in different contexts. A process is needed to guide ongoing terminology work, from harvesting, to decision-making, to mandatory use.

During the Webinar, you will learn how to use Acrolinx to for the following steps:

  • Extract term candidates from content and other sources
  • Aggregate term suggestions
  • Discuss terminology with stakeholders
  • Publish terminology to the broader organization
  • Identify terminology candidates in new content
  • User community submits feedback on terminology

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2013 CMS/DITA North America In Providence, RI – Come See Acrolinx

Conference: Apr. 15-17, 2013, Providence

2013 CMS/DITA North America

Don’t miss our presentation!


Title:                     “First You Have to Find It”
Speaker:               Andrew Bredenkamp,
                               Acrolinx Founder and President
Day:                      Tuesday, April 16th
Time:                     8:30am


This session is for technical documentation managers who want to demonstrate how they can add value beyond creating great content. You’ll get practical advice about how to figure out which keywords you should include and how you should include them.

Do you have inconsistent terminology, mixed messages, and brand violations within your content?

Does your content contain too many wordy phrases, redundant terms, and confusing sentence constructions?

Is your content hard to find?

Then schedule a Strategy Session with Acrolinx at the CMS/DITA Conference and get the answers to your content questions. Learn how to achieve Better Content so you can have:

  • Better Translations
  • Better Service
  • Better SEO

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Informal Monthly Online Community Gathering: ASK THE ADOBE TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION TEAM

  • Date: Thursday, 18th August, 2011 (inaugural session)
  • Time: 8:30 AM — 9:30 AM US / Pacific (Time Zone Converter)
  • Frequency: Once a month, starting 18th August (Thursday) followed by every 3rd Thursday of the month


MeetingPlace Dial-in Numbers:

  • North America (Toll):                                      408-536-9900
  • North America (Toll-Free):                           877-220-5439
  • International (Toll):                                         +1-408-536-9900
  • Meeting ID:                                        460696
  • Password:                                                           12341234

Join Team Adobe to:

  1. 1.       Talk directly to the members of the Adobe Engineering, QE, Product Management and Product Evangelism teams
  2. 2.       Get answers to your product-related questions, and solutions to your problems
  3. 3.       Share your feedback on product features/functionalities
  4. 4.       Share your ideas on new product features/functionalities
  5. 5.       Get an opportunity to influence the future product roadmap

Ever Wonder Who Was Responsible For The Creation Of RoboHelp?

Ankur Jain (RoboHelp and Adobe TCS Product Manager), RoboHelp Champions John Daigle, Peter Grainge, Matt Sullivan, Rick Stone and I (newbie) were working the Adobe Booth and presenting at this year’s WriterUA in Long Beach, CA. It was a great conference.

John Daigle had a great idea. He knew the creator of RoboHelp, Gen Kiyooka lived in the area and reached out to him. We all went to dinner. Gen picked the winner of a Technical Communication Suite 3 give-a-way, then someone came up with idea of John video interviewing Gen with Peter and Rick. I think Matt was chancing down a banner we needed. He volunteered because Long Beach is his stumping ground.

Here is the link to the video interview with Gen Kiyooka, the orginal creator of RoboHelp

Good times. Good times!

Lower Language Translation Costs When Using FrameMaker 10 and XML

There has been a few inquiries about “How Do We Lower Our Language Translation Costs”.

When I was a consultant last year before I joined Adobe Systems, Inc. I worked on a project with Globalization Partners International (GPI) to do just that. The Client had unstructured FrameMaker content and we converted that content to DITA XML with special formating attribute Namespace for Language Difference DTP requirements. These special namespace attributes allowed the source content to remain DITA XML and still be able to roundtrip the different language versions of the content for publish using FrameMaker.

Publishing and editting with FrameMaker was the only way to do this within a reasonable budget of both time and money. FrameMaker’s edd layer is uniquely able to quickly create an attribute override WYSIWYG publishing envirnment.

Here is a link to the Whitepaper

Here is a link to an E-Seminar by Max Hoffmann, GPI (my first and only Unstructured FrameMaker teacher!)

It was a great project to work on with Max and Global Partners International